Make The Social Moments Count With LooseHeadz Lager

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’ve only gone and launched a bloody brilliant beer with our mates at People’s Captain.

It’s a launch we have been a little nervous about given the negative association between alcohol and mental health, however the feedback from those who we have spoken to has been overwhelmingly positive.

We have also been incredibly conscious of making sure that this launch is inclusive for our whole community, that is why we are delighted to announce there will be an alcohol free version available, which will sit alongside our coffee blend ‘The LooseHead’ to ensure those who aren’t drinking have options.

We have been further reassured by People’s Captain’s focus on mental health as a brand, & mission to make the social moments count. This isn’t about trying to encourage excess drinking, but rather giving people the choice to choose a beer that not only tastes great, but helps support our mission of placing a mental health lead at every rugby club around the world, and providing them with a toolkit of free resources to support the mental health of its members.

To that end, 10p from every pint sold of LooseHeadz lager will be donated directly to the LooseHeadz Foundation to help us continue this mission. We will also be visiting clubs who help support this initiative to spread the word, & get as many people talking as possible.

LooseHeadz Lager Enquiry Form

Dave Nicoll, Co-Founder at LooseHeadz “whilst we were initially a little bit nervous about this collab, Greg & the team at People’s Captain immediately put us at ease, ensuring there was an alcohol-free version available from day one, & with their exciting mission to make the social moments count & focus on mental health, it just made sense.”

“At the end of the day, LooseHeadz started on the back of a chat over a few beers at our rugby club in 2017, so we hope to inspire many more meaningful conversations around the world, and get people talking about mental health in their local rugby clubs.”

“We know that for many of us, a few beers after a game or training is a big part of rugby, and whilst we would encourage responsible drinking, we believe that having an option on the bar like LooseHeadz lager that can help to support those players is a huge win for the sport as a whole.”

Greg Bateman, Co-Founder at People’s Captain said ”this collaboration is incredibly important to both myself & People’s Captain. As a former rugby player who had my own mental health struggles, I started People’s Captain to make the social moments count.”

“Having found a lot of solace in having conversations over a beer, we wanted to help more people. That’s why at People’s Captain we already donate to mental health charities, but with LooseHeadz rugby focussed mission, this was a partnership that just made sense.”  

LooseHeadz lager is available now for rugby clubs, bars & pubs. To find out more about getting LooseHeadz lager into your rugby club, hit the link below to complete the enquiry form & one of the People’s Captain team will be in touch.

LooseHeadz Lager Enquiry Form