Interested In Sponsoring The Official LooseHeadz Kit?

For those who may not have been aware, over the last 6 months or so, LooseHeadz have taken part in several charity games, ranging from the likes of Matt Banahan & Dave Ward lacing up their boots again for the Game 4 Grief, through to our very own Mark Shotton pulling the shirt back on for one (maybe) final time as part of the LooseHeadz Barbarians who took on Chester Relics last month.

Whilst there may have been a slight disparity in the quality of some of the play in the two games (check out Rugby Pilgrimage’s hommage to kicking in our Chester game for evidence), there is no doubting that both games were an incredible success, & the demand for more has been quite overwhelming.

It is for that reason that we are excited to announce there will be several more games coming up this year, with a Baa Baas game already lined up in August, with an announcement around another charity game due very soon as well. Work is also going on behind the scenes to confirm a date for the first run out of the LooseHeadz Women’s Barbarians side.

We are therefore on the lookout for potential sponsors of a number of kits for the upcoming season to help ensure that our sides don’t end up running out in shirts with the dates of previous games on again (a lesson we have well & truly learned). This means we are looking for sponsors to help cover the kit costs for the following sides;

Our ‘First’ Team

This will be the side who we roll out as part of any major events like Game 4 Grief, & will more than likely involve former professional players, with alumni including Matt Banahan, Dave Ward, Jordan Crane, James Hall & Chuggs Wallis. 

Plans are being finalised for the next game, with a number of rugby’s biggest charities touted as potential opponents, & a host of the games former top flight stars readying themselves to pull on the (hopefully soon to be) famous shirt.

Our ‘Vets’ Team

Aka the LooseHeadz Barbarians. Whilst this side is less likely to include famous faces, it is about as inclusive as it gets, with the last game involving Tom at 17 playing his first ever game of senior rugby through to Alan playing his last at the age of 60. 

This side will be touring the North West initially, with plans to head further afield in the new year, helping provide opposition for 3’s & Vets side who may be struggling to get regular games on. 

Our Women’s Team

We’re not too far off confirming the first LooseHeadz Women’s Barbarians game, with a date around the end of the summer penciled in. This will initially be an amateur side, but we hope to see a smattering of star names pulling on the jersey in future games. 

Our Sevens Team

Each year LooseHeadz attend a number of Sevens events, with invitations to enter a team into the tournaments. We are therefore looking to have a side ready to go for 2024’s Sevens circuit, attending the likes of Bournemouth, Cheltenham & hopefully Gibraltar 7’s next year.

All of our teams & events receive significant coverage across our social & email channels, ensuring that all sponsors will receive regular exposure across the rugby community, as well as in front of the hundreds of fans who have turned up to each of our games so far. 

If you, or your business would be interested in sponsoring the kits for any of the sides, then please drop us a note on specifying which team(s) you are interested in supporting.