Getting To Know Harry Plummer

Name: Harry Plummer

Age: 21

Club: Blues Rugby 

Position: 10/12

Nickname: Haz or Plums


When did you first become interested in rugby?

As most kiwi kids I have grown up around rugby and began playing around the age of 7. It was always a passion of mine ever since.

Who did you support growing up?

I was lucky enough to have my Dad as the physio for both the Auckland team and the Blues so I have grown up loving both those teams. Now I am lucky enough to be playing in both environments.

First memory of playing rugby?

At primary school playing touch and Rippa Rugby with all my mates. 

Who are you most thankful to for getting you to where you are today?

I am lucky enough to have an amazing support network around me. Most of that is attributed to my family and they have been my main support in my career to date. I have a lot to be thankful for and they are definitely one of them.

Hero growing up and why?

Dan Carter was my sporting hero growing up for obvious reasons. He dominated the game and his position for so long and knew the game so well. 

Proudest moment of your career to date?

Winning the 2018 Provincial title with Auckland was very special and is probably one of the most memorable. However my debut for the Blues in 2019 was also very special.

Best player you’ve played with?

Personally, playing with Ma’a Nonu last year was an unbelievable opportunity. The way he plays the game to this day is unreal and he was extremely helpful to my game. 

The martians have landed, and we’ve lost the toss…we’ve got Mars away next week in a game to save the world, who is the first player on your team sheet (past or present)?

To save the world I’m picking Jonah Lomu!


Favourite artist (music)?

Six 60 or Drake

Favourite meal?


Favourite holiday destination?

Hawaii, Waikiki

What tops your bucket list?

Travelling to the Maldives 

If you could choose any three guests for your own dinner party, who would they be?

Gordon Ramsay, Jimmy Carr and Morgan Freeman

If you weren’t playing rugby, what would you be doing now?

Be finishing my university degree in a Bachelor of Business.

Do you have any plans for life after rugby?

I am very interested in both property and business. All going well I will be able to incorporate those passions to my after rugby life.

Mental Health

What advice would you give for maintaining good mental health?

For me it is making sure you have two things. Firstly a good safety network, people you can talk to openly and feel comfortable around. As hard as it is to talk it feels better knowing you don’t have to deal with your issues alone. As New Zealanders we aren’t great at talking to people about our issues and as a result feel like we can put on a mask and bottle it in but it ends up twice as bad. 

Secondly, have a balance. Ensure that you have a release from your day to day life. For me I love golf so when I’m feeling crap I go and play a round or head to the driving range. It could be as easy as heading away for the weekend to cleanse yourself. Find what works and what makes you happy.

How does rugby support your mental health?

Rugby is a game I grew up loving. I am now in a fortunate position where I am paid to play the game I grew up playing as a kid. I am living my dream every single day and for me it is about always reminding myself of that when things get tough. The bonds I have created with boys is also a huge help for me. To be able to talk with guys going through the same things as I am or in the same position as me is hugely relieving.