A Huge 12 Months For LooseHeadz

For those who may not be aware Rob & I took a big old scary leap into working full time for LooseHeadz last June, & it’s fair to say it’s led to a truly unbelievable 12 months.

The decision came on the back of the incredible growth we’d seen at LooseHeadz, & with over 500 rugby clubs on board, it was becoming almost impossible to manage everything around full time jobs, families & everything else that life throws at you.

Although it wasn’t a straightforward decision to give up on our respective career paths, the decision was pretty easy in the end - no matter what wins our previous jobs brought us, nothing came close to the impact that came from LooseHeadz.

Since making that decision, we haven’t really looked back. Don’t get us wrong, there’s been some massive highs, but often followed by fairly significant lows. From plans falling apart at the last minute, to the ongoing worry about being able to find enough funding just ‘keep the lights on’, it’s been a year we will never forget.

In that time, we have grown the Partnership Programme to over 800 rugby clubs around the world, cemented relationships with many of the games key governing bodies, launched our 24/7 textline, had over 1,000 people complete our Introduction to Mental Health Training Course, announced our first partner in Xledger & met so many incredible people, from the truly amazing team of volunteers who make more difference than they will ever know, to the wonderful people who come up to us at events, games & more.

We simply cannot thank you all enough for your passion & support since we launched back in 2017. Without your support, work & dedication we wouldn’t have been able to make a fraction of the impact we have in rugby. However, the job is far from done, & so we will continue to need your help.

Over the next 18 months, we have some incredibly exciting plans that we can’t wait to share with you all soon, but that we hope will change the face of mental health in rugby in a way that has never been seen before in sport. 

We are working hard in the background, not only to continue to support our partner clubs, but to make new additions to the toolkit, & to secure the funding we need to both grow the team, & to ensure our plans become a reality. 

So if you think you can help support in any way, whether it be through donations, fundraising or sponsorship then please do get in touch. For us, it’s absolutely vital that we can continue to support our growing list of clubs, & that means finding ways to grow the team, & to continue to fund new & existing resources for the toolkit.

Once again, a huge thank you for your ongoing support for all things LooseHeadz,

Dave, Rob & Mark