LooseHeadz is the rugby leisurewear brand aiming to tackle the stigma of mental health in rugby.

With every purchase, you help us fund the LooseHeadz Foundation, which with the help of our partners Team Mental Health is rolling out events and initiatives to rugby players at every level of the game, aimed at opening up the conversation around mental health.

We guarantee that every penny that goes into our foundation is used to tackle the stigma of mental health in sport. So by choosing LooseHeadz, you are helping us to change the narrative and make the conversation about mental health as normal as one about any physical injury or ailment.

Back in 2016, we had an idea  – was it possible to start a mental health charity centred around rugby and make a difference to some lives touched by mental health?

We wanted to see if we could change the debate from being hopeless towards creating strategies for mental fitness…we wanted to tackle the stigma.

We wanted to stop that euphemistic final trip to the suspension bridge to end it all and we wanted to see what we could do about this 21st-century condition of our time. And so, LooseHeadz was born.

We didn’t know much about mental health but we did now a bit about rugby. We wanted to get folk to ask RUOK…so we just started.

It seems to be working…..but there’s a long way to go!

We aim to raise the awareness levels through the fantastic support of our ambassadors and posting all we can everywhere we can.

Everybody is welcome to be a LooseHead and nobody is left behind.

To help us help you, or someone you know, why not buy a LooseHeadz hoodie or a T-Shirt? The sale of every product helps fund our LooseHeadz Foundation where 100% of the donations will be used to provide much-needed cash for people who can make a difference

Together we can #TackleTheStigma