Rate the Kits

Rate the Kits

As the Aviva Premiership kicks off this weekend, we delve into each team’s club shop to rate their kits.


Predictably not changed since the days of Stuart Barnes. Solid sponsor choice, we all own a Dyson, but only some of us use it!




Starting this season as they signed off last with a tidy home kit. However, who the hell are SW Comms? Maybe it’s an Exeter thing? They’ve knocked over the conversion and scored an extra two points for being the only team with a pink kit!




You could have guessed it. The same kit as they had when they built The Shed. Every single one of their supporters owns one of these, whether its covered in Jewson or Mitsubishi. I reckon if you went to the local supermarket in Gloucester, you’d get served with people in this kit…but not in the new services, far too posh for that!




The only Adidas kit in the Aviva Premiership, and although it hasn’t changed much, the famous three stripes on the shoulders will make even Joe Marler look like he’s got pace. How haven’t DHL realised the potential for a Harlequins ‘always deliver’ strap line?




This is a bit different, and you don’t look like a complete nob standing at the bar in this one. A proper rugby shirt. The dark green is perhaps a reminder of the dark times of last season, losing Cockerill and Mauger.



London Irish

Maybe they expected to stay in the Championship. The only thought that went into this was being green for ‘Irish’. I wonder if their away strip is green too. V poor collar. If you have one of these, you’re off to a shit rugby shirt initiation at your first week at Uni’.




New pitch. New top. New Zealand? I wouldn’t even blink an eye if I saw someone wearing this in a nightclub.




Again, predictable. Why are Macron advertising their Scrum Caps on the shoulders? If you happened to be caught at the same Uni’ freshers party as the London Irish fan, you would be called a ‘TOOLSTATION’!




Quite a groovy top for Sale this year. The Hawaiian shirt of rugby. This might be why it looks better on the South Sea Islanders than it does on an indigenous Mancunian. A much better choice at the Uni’ party.




Same old, same old. Mean and moody, just like their team. Sticking to the same formula with their shirt as they intend to do to reclaim their crown?




Did they hand the kit project to the Work Experience student? Is very simple, very simple; or is very simple, very dull?




Have Leeds Rhinos have switched codes? This is very, very poor.



The Verdict

So, there you have it, Newcastle have the power to make Dean Richards look trendy. Whilst they might not challenge the big dogs, they have certainly nailed looking like champions.



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