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www.LooseHeadz.com is a rugby blog site. We’re passionate about rugby, and we’re passionate about helping anyone who’s been affected by mental health or who is going through a really rough patch in their life.

We want to talk as much as we can to #TackleTheStigma‬

In this Mental Health Month of May, the LooseHeadz team will be running the Manchester 10k, but with a twist. Dave, Chris and Mark will be in Manchester, slogging our unfit bodies around the proper circuit, while Rob will be 12,000 miles away in New Zealand running his own 10k circuit.


We set LooseHeadz up last year with a desire to make a difference to anyone who has been affected by a mental health issue.

We’re dedicated to raising funds through donations to us, or the sale of clothing on our website and donating this through our LooseHeadz Foundation to people who can deliver the treatment.

You see, we’ve all known someone who has been affected by a life wobble. They’ve struggled with their mental state and they’ve struggled to find treatment. They’ve even struggled to just come to terms with it, and speak to someone. That first ‘opening up’ can be the hardest to do.
We want to change that, and make it OK not to be OK.

It is said that people make the world go round, and over the last 12 months, we’ve been helped by some great people: Ian Braid, former CEO of the British Athletes Commission and founder of Docia Sport an organisation passionate about the mental health awareness and treatment has been hugely supportive of us. We’ve been helped and guided by Phil Cooper MBE and Malcolm Rae, founders of State of Mind Sport who work to improve the mental health and wellbeing and working life of rugby players and communities at large.

We’ve seen our presence grow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Please give us a follow and help us to help all of us. But, it’s all about the people we can help…they’re the ones that matter.

We’ve also been supported in our quest by the rugby community at large. Some great rugby players and wonderful human beings who see the fragility of their own profession have lent us their ears. They themselves have seen the fragility of their profession and have seen some high-profile players fall victim to a mental health attack. As an example, Sam James and Mike Haley, our first two LooseHeadz Ambassadors have shown great humility and candour in all they have done for us. Their support has been magnificent. Glasgow Warriors and Canada try-machine D T H van der Merwe who has spoken to us candidly about his plans for life after rugby and the continual worry he has as a professional sportsman who wants to care for his family.

These and many others make us feel privileged to be able to help the wider communities we all live in.

We’ve done some great work with newly qualified Doctor and eating disorder sufferer Anna Stubbs. A remarkable young woman who humility and grace are to behold. She’s helped us understand how important our work is and just how indiscriminate mental health can be.

So, back to the run. Dave, Chris and Mark shall be running the Manchester 10k in Manchester, while the 4th LooseHead, Rob who is currently travelling the world with his girlfriend will be running it simultaneously in New Zealand. We might not break the magical hour, but we will try.

We’ve set up a Just Giving page to get as many donations as we can so we can raise as much money as we can for MIND.

Visit Just Giving to donate.

So, if you have a spare fiver or a spare tenner please follow the link. You never know…you might be helping one of your own mates who might be too frightened to come forward.

If we’ve learned anything in the last year it’s that mental health is not class-ridden, sexist or racist…it can strike anyone at any time.

That’s why we will not give up trying to help and make a difference.

Together with you, we all might just #TackleTheStigma

Thank you.

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