Getting to Know…Wil Partington

Name: Wil Partington

Age: 19 (26/12/98)

Club: Bath Rugby

Position: Fullback

Nickname: ‘The Shermanator’

When did you first become interested in rugby?

I played football and rugby from the age of about 6

Who did you support as a kid?

I grew up down in Devon so Exeter were always of interest to me until I moved up to Bath a few years later.

First memory of playing rugby?

Playing for Tavistock RFC and getting told off for hogging the ball.

People who have helped you the most in your career so far?

Andy Rock, my academy coach at Bath and Sean Turner, my School rugby coach at Beechen Cliff

Hero growing up?

Jonny Wilkinson, for just being the ultimate professional.

Personal aim this season?

To get a start for the first team.

Proudest moment of your career to date?

Signing my first professional contract with Bath.

Best player you have played/trained with?

JJ (Jonathan Joseph)

The martians have landed, and we’ve lost the toss…we’ve got Mars away next week in a game to save the world, who is the first player on your team sheet (past or present)?

Jonah Lomu

Favourite band/musician?

The Arctic Monkeys

Favourite food?

Roast dinner

Favourite film?

The Lord of the Rings

Favourite holiday destination?


Favourite hobby?


Embarrassing moment?

When I was still at school and came in to train with the first team at Bath for one of the first times, all the kickers had to have 1 kick at goal, each person that missed meant the squad had to do a burpee. All the other lads got their kicks, I went last and missed by about 20m. Not my finest.

If you weren’t playing rugby, what would you be doing now?

I study Bath Uni already on the side of rugby, so I’d probably be at university full time.

Plans for life after rugby?

I’d like to start my own business.

What tops your bucket list?

Watch Liverpool win the champions league.

If you could choose one shop to get stuck in overnight, what would it be?


If you could choose any three guests for your own dinner party, who would they be?

Leonardo DiCaprio, John Lennon, Kevin Hart.


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