LooseHeadz x GoVox

We're delighted to announce a partnership between LooseHeadz and GoVox.

Keeping simplicity at its core, the GoVox wellbeing check in will be an essential part of our partnership programme toolkit. 

At LooseHeadz, we want to put mental health on the agenda at clubs up and down the country. This partnership with GoVox will support our mission of putting a 'LooseHead' in each club and providing that person with the tools to support clubs and club members.

GoVox co-founder Richard Lucas said: "The partnership with LooseHeadz is a no-brainer for us, and something that we are very proud to be associated with. Our missions are aligned and together we want to ensure that every club has the right tools and focus to ensure that all our members are better aware and supported with their mental health and wellbeing."

"At the heart of GoVox Wellbeing is rugby - we started our journey in response to the need for more support at local rugby clubs and as we have grown to become a global wellbeing platform for a range of organisations, covering workplace, education, and sports wellbeing, we have always had our roots in rugby in our hearts."

LooseHeadz co-founder Mark Shotton said: "Like rugby is a game for all shapes, sizes and genders; so is LooseHeadz. In order to ensure that every club gets the chance to prioritise the conversions that need to happen and better every members’ mental wellbeing, we have partnered with Go Vox to offer a unique and interactive way to include everyone (and every player) in the conversation around tackling the stigma and making the conversation a normal one."

If you're a member of your local rugby club and you want to get involved or find out more about the LooseHeadz mission, please get in touch.